About Us

It’s totally a brand new world out there today and definitely, everyone gets a fair shake to start over. Freelancing is an art, a new lease in life, and a chance to express one’s self after probably years of conformity and structure in the corporate world. A few positive pick-ups are the discipline, work ethic, and the ability to get things done with grace under pressure and still providing quality top-notch results.

Digital entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park and not a lot different from the shark tanks that we used to swim in and hope to survive the frenzy. But at the very least we get to pursue our dreams and have fun doing it at the same time.

Countdown to launch begins in 3,2,1…


He is thorough, timely, and responsive. He shows great attention to detail and provides summary reports and analytics where applicable on a rolling basis to ensure I have all the information needed to make good choices and guide his efforts. Excellent work, very pleased with his professionalism.

Ian has proven to be an extremely reliable partner. He’s is hard working and extremely intuitive. I still work with Ian and would highly recommend him to anyone with SEO needs.


Ian shows great initiative and fully commits to the marketing directions of the company.

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